Joint Degree Program in Social Policy

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What is JDP?

This collaborative effort of the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs and the Departments of Politics, Psychology, Population Studies, and Sociology combines work in a basic social science with a multidisciplinary perspective on the problems of economic insecurity and inequality.

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Students in SPI 590S submit a paper that is reviewed by a prominent researcher in their field. It is hoped that this will help the student to have a paper ready for publication.

Many of these papers have been published as journal articles. One paper was published as a book chapter, and there is even a book that was based on the paper written for this class.

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Featured Faculty

  • Stacey Sinclair

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  • Ilyana Kuziemko

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  • Patrick Sharkey

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Marion J. Levy, Jr. Fellow

Leon Mait

Leon is a PhD student in the Department of Psychology. He is interested in how socioeconomic conditions shape perceptions of the self and others, and how the resulting behaviors reproduce inequality. At Princeton, Leon is working with Stacey Sinclair, studying the psychosocial outcomes of socioeconomic diversity and cross-class interaction…

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