Prize Fellowship in the Social Sciences

April 12, 2021

Emily Miller and Devin Rutan were both awarded the Prize Fellowship in the Social Sciences.

The Prize Fellowship in Social Sciences, formally known as the Fellowship of Woodrow Wilson Scholars, was initiated in 1994, bringing together graduate students and faculty in the fields of greatest concern to President Wilson (mostly the social sciences and history). Today, the graduate student and faculty fellows meet twice a month for presentations given by faculty fellows and dissertation discussions led by graduate student fellows to examine multi- and interdisciplinary perspectives in relation to important issues of international and domestic public policy.

This fellowship provides full tuition support and a stipend in excess of the base stipend rates. The fellowship also includes a grant to support some research expenses.

The selection criteria for the fellowship program involve not only the credentials of the candidate, but other considerations such as the ways in which the candidate's thesis project and thesis research methods will contribute to providing an intellectually rich mix of approaches that will illuminate policy problems and solutions. It is also the case that the Fellowship will seek fellows who are distributed across the various departments that participate in the Fellowship program.

Students are nominated by their advisers and must agree to complete an application process once notified of their nomination.